Regina Tours began its ministry of pilgrimage travel in 1985 in response to the message of Fatima given to the shepherd children by Our Blessed Mother.

Fatima, Portugal, with its peaceful surroundings and humble message touched the hearts of those who visited and within a few years the small, home-based business grew to include such sites as Lourdes, Knock (Ireland), Israel, Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico) and Rome.

These visits are designed to bring to life the scripture stories in the Old and New Testament and offer a spiritual focus balanced with cultural diversity. Today, Regina Tours has expanded its programs to add richness and texture to its standard itineraries, through opportunities to steep yourself in the culture of the people and places you visit. You will gain new insight about the church's impact through its art, music, literature, architecture and, of course, the magnificent churches and basilicas.

With its finger on the pulse of important Catholic events throughout the world, Regina Tours continues to offer the opportunity to participate in those celebrations of major interest to the Catholic Community.

Beatification and Canonization ceremonies, World Youth Day programs, Eucharistic Congresses and visits around the world by our Holy Father, Pope Francis are just a few of the important programs we offer.

Regina Tours offers both fixed departure dates with specific tours published in its annual brochure and posted on our web site as well as tailor made programs through the Custom Group Department. Whichever your choice, you will find our staff to be knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. For further information call our toll free number - 1-800-CATHOLIC.

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